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Dom Brown aka DOMMIX is one of the hottest young talents in the Bassline / Bass House world. Hailing from North London, DOMMIX has been quietly honing his talent since his first official remix in 2017, for Flux Pavilion no less.

It was way before that at 14 years old when, after hearing the likes of Skrillex and The Prodigy, Dom Brown first picked up a synth. Jump forward 4 years and DOMMIX is well and truly part of the exploding Bass House / Bass Line scene. Bouncing track after track off the deck, picking up support from the likes of Holy Goof and DJ Zinc and generally making a name for himself as one of the hottest properties in this new world.

It’s the latter of those acts, DJ Zinc, who has become the champion of this new talent, signing DOMMIX’s music to his seminal Bingo Bass imprint, a label that has made its name once again as the hot bed for the most exciting and current dance music coming out of the UK.